Panel & Automation Products

AA Jones can offer a complete solution for any panel or factory installation

We stock Enclosures of all materials and sizes to put the equipment in. Din Rails to mount the products on, Power Supplies for AC to DC conversion or Transformers to handle the correct AC voltage. PLC's, HMI's and Intelligent  Relays's to provide interface and control, MCB's for protection. Contractors and Overloads to handle the power, Timers and Control Relays. Emergency Stop and Safety Relay's to conform and keep safe, Terminals for the connection and Earthing.

Inverter Drives for the speed control, Isolators for protection, Pushbuttons and Indicator Lamps for display, Potentionmeters for the control, Trunking, Quality Tri-Rated Cable, Bootlace Ferrules, Spiral Band and Tywraps to keep it looking good.

We keep a wide range of Sensors and Proximity Switches, Level Sensors, Foot Switches, Guard Switches and Limit Switches.

Cable Glands Plastic, Atex Approved, Brass.

Product information for lots of the sensors and automation products we supply, can be found on our Seltec web site by using the links below.

Red Lion
Access, connect and visualize.
Sensors, safety, process, encoders, vision & identification.
IFM Electronic
Sensors, safety, process, encoders, vision & identification.
Sensors, safety, RFID.
Terminal blocks, power supplies, relays...everything for a panel.
Capacitive sensors, level probes, ATEX sensors.
Machine safety products.
Sensors, lighting, machine safety, vision.
Machine safety & sensors.
Timer relays, monitoring relays.
Sensors, Solid state relays, timer relays, monitoring relays.
Relays, power supplies, connection technology.
Capacitive glue level sensing.
AC inverters for motors & fans.
Sensors, process, encoders.
Safety switches, relays & controllers.
Safety switches, foot swiches &enclosures.
Controls, pilot lights & switches.

Please use this link to visit the Seltec web site.

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