Securi-Flex® cables
Alarm cable
Belden equivalent cable
Coaxial & satellite cable
Defence standard cable
EV charging cable
Fire cable
SY & CY control cable
YY control cable
Flexible power cable
Network cable
F/UTP & F/FTP Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A & Cat7A network cable
FTP Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A & Cat5E fire network cable
S/FTP Cat6A, Cat7A & Cat8.1 network cable
UTP Cat5E & Cat6E, Cat5 & Cat6 B2Ca, Cat5 Cca network cable
Speaker cable
Telephone cable
Draka cables
Cable Management
Trench cable trunking
Trench cable trunking
Trench lighting trunking
Trench pre & post galvanised cable tray
OBO Magic Basket Tray
REHAU PVC-U trunking
OBO Bettermann range
Dietzel Univolt cable management systems
Dietzel Univolt conduit
Dietzel Univolt PVC rigid conduit
Dietzel Univolt PVC conduit fittings
Dietzel Univolt PVC couplers
Dietzel Univolt PVC conduit fastenings
Dietzel Univolt PVC adaptors
Dietzel Univolt installation boxes
Dietzel Univolt surface installation boxes
Dietzel Univolt cable management systems
Dietzel Univolt Maxi trunking
Dietzel Univolt Mini trunking
Wiska installation materials
Wiska cable glands
Wiska cable glands
Wiska ShieldGLAND®
Wiska venting cable glands
Wiska grommets
Wiska cable entry systems
Wiska cable protection
Wiska accessories
UNICRIMP cable management products
Q-CRIMP cable clips and mounts
Q-CRIMP trade tubs
Q-NECT lever connectors & connection boxes
Circuit Protection
Circuit Protection Devices
CPN Cudis circuit protection
CPN Cudis IP65 garage units
CPN Cudis IP65 shower units
FuseBox circuit protection
Hager circuit protection
Hager MCBs
Hager RCCBs
Hager RCBOs
Hager arc fault detection devices
Hager surge protection devices
Schneider Electric circuit protection
Schneider Electric MCB
Schneider Electric RCBO
Schneider RCBO & surge protection
Schneider Electric circuit protection accessories
Consumer Units
CPN Cudis consumer units
CPN Cudis empty consumer units
CPN Cudis double stacked consumer units
CPN Cudis voltage optimisation
FuseBox consumer Units
FuseBox residential distribution boards
FuseBox Main Switch consumer units with Surge Protection Device
FuseBox Main Switch RCBO consumer units
FuseBox RCD consumer units
FuseBox Dual Tariff main switch boards
FuseBox Dual RCD consumer units
FuseBox switch fuse
FuseBox metal enclosures
FuseBox consumer unit accessories
FuseBox commercial distribution boards
FuseBox TPN distribution boards
FuseBox TPN distribution board accessories
Hager consumer Units
Hager residential distribution
Hager surface mounted consumer units
Hager flush mounted consumer units
Hager residential consumer unit accessories
Hager commercial distribution
Type A SP&N distribution boards
Type B TP&N distribution boards
Hager panelboards 250A rated
Hager panelboards 400A rated
Hager panelboards 630A/800A rated
Hager panelboards 800A rated
Switch fuse & switch disconnectors
Enclosed MCCBs
Schneider consumer units
Isolation Devices
Socomec isolation devices
GEWiSS enclosures
GEWiSS 44 CE enclosures
GEWiSS 40 CD enclosures
GEWiSS 27 COMBI enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures - steel
nVent HOFFMAN MAS mild steel single door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MAD mild steel double door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MAP mild steel panel enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN ASR Stainless steel, single door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN ADR Stainless steel, double door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN AFS Stainless steel, single door enclosures with rain hood
nVent HOFFMAN accessories
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures - polyester
nVent HOFFMAN UCP/UCPT Polyester compact wall mounted enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN UDP/UDPT Polyester modular single door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN UDP-DD Polyester modular double door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN accessories
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures - hygienic design
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures - EMC
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures - hazardous location
nVent HOFFMAN wall mounted enclosures - oil & gas
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures - steel
nVent HOFFMAN MCS Mild steel floor standing, single door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MCD Mild steel floor standing, double door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MCF Flange mount disconnect enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MCI Mild steel floor standing ICT enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MKS Mild steel floor standing, single door compact enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MKD Mild steel floor standing, double door compact enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MCSS Stainless steel floor standing, single door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MCDS Stainless steel floor standing, double door enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN EKSS Stainless steel floor standing, single door compact enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN EKDS Stainless steel floor standing, double door compact enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures - aluminium
nVent HOFFMAN EKOM Compact aluminium floor standing outdoor enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN EKOM-SW Compact single wall, aluminum single & multiple doors
nVent HOFFMAN ECOM Combinable single door aluminium floor standing outdoor enclosure
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing aluminium accessories
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures - EMC
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures - IP66 rating
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures - oil & gas
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing enclosures - Unibody
nVent HOFFMAN floor standing accessories
nVent HOFFMAN terminal boxes
nVent HOFFMAN HDTB hygienic design terminal box
nVent HOFFMAN terminal boxes - steel & aluminium
nVent HOFFMAN terminal boxes - polyester
nVent HOFFMAN terminal boxes - ABS
nVent HOFFMAN terminal boxes - polycarbonate
nVent HOFFMAN terminal boxes - hazardous location
nVent HOFFMAN human machine interface (HMI)
nVent HOFFMAN MCM mild steel industrial computer enclosures
nVent HOFFMAN MPG One-Piece consoles in mild steel
nVent HOFFMAN MPGS One-piece consoles in stainless steel
nVent HOFFMAN MPC Console system
nVent HOFFMAN MPCS Console system stainless steel
nVent HOFFMAN Swing arm system
nVent HOFFMAN console accessories
nVent HOFFMAN thermal management
nVent HOFFMAN cable management
nVent HOFFMAN cable glands
nvent HOFFMAN cable entry systems
nVent HOFFMAN general accessories
Rittal enclosures
Rittal small enclosures
Rittal compact enclosures
Rittal enclosure systems
Rittal IT enclosures
Rittal IT rack systems
Rittal console systems/PC enclosure systems/Industrial Workstations
Rittal hygienic design enclosures
Rittal stainless steel enclosures
WISKA enclosures
WISKA junction boxes
EV charging
Project EV Fast AC electric vehicle chargers
Project EV Dual wall electric vehicle chargers
Project EV Dual floor electric vehicle chargers
Fire Alarm Systems & Equipment
aico fire & carbon monoxide protection
aico 3000 series fire and carbon monoxide detection
aico 1000 environmental sensors
aico alarm control switches
aico accessories
esp fire protection
esp MAGfire®
esp Conventional fire alarm systems
esp Addressable fire alarm systems
HiSPEC fire & carbon monoxide detection
HiSPEC mains interconnectable detectors
HiSPEC mains radio frequency detectors
HiSPEC control units & accessories
Kidde fire & carbon monoxide safety
Kidde smoke & heat alarms
Kidde carbon monoxide alarms
Fixings & Fastenings
Olympic Fixing Products
Heating & Ventilation
atc heating & hand dryers
atc electric radiators
atc iLifestyle electric thermal radiators
atc Lifestyle electric radiators
atc Varena thermal electric radiators
atc hand dryers
atc Cub high speed hand dryer
atc Cheetah high speed hand dryer
atc Puma high speed hand dryer
Blauberg Zone 1 Calm range extractor fans
Blauberg domestic in-line extractor fans
Blauberg Turbo-E in-line mixed flow extractor fans
Deta ventilation
Heat Mat underfloor heating
Heat Mat undertile heating mats
Heat Mat underlaminate mats & overlay boards
Heat Mat thermostats
National Ventilation
Monsoon dMEV extract ventilation fans
Monsoon Energysaver™ Positive Input System (PIV)
Monsoon centrifugal fans
Industrial Plugs and Sockets
GEWiSS industrial plugs & sockets
GEWiSS IEC 309 HP range plugs & socket-outlets
GEWiSS IEC 309 MA range multiple sockets & adaptors
GEWiSS IB range interlocked socket-outlets IEC 309
GEWiSS Q-DIN Range distribution boards
Walther-Werke industrial plugs & sockets
Lamps & Lighting
Ansell Lighting
Ansell connected lighting
Ansell commercial lighting
Ansell emergency lighting
Ansell floodlighting
Ansell display lighting
Ansell amenity lighting
Ansell industrial lighting
Aurora Lighting
Aurora Luminaires
Aurora Track Systems
Aurora BLE Strip
Aurora LED Strip
Aurora BLE Downlight
Aurora LED Batten
Aurora Bulkheads
Aurora Downlights
Aurora Fire Rated Downlighting
Aurora LED Flat Panels
Aurora Commercial Lighting
Aurora Anti Corrosive
Aurora Recessed Ground Lighting
Aurora Emergency Lighting
Aurora Floodlights
Aurora Wall Lights
Aurora LED High Bay
Aurora High Bay Lighting
Aurora School Fixtures
Outdoor Spotlights
Aurora Cabinet Lighting
Aurora Fire Hoods
Aurora Luminaires Accessories
Downlight Accessories
Emergency Lighting Accessories
LED Strip Accessories
Outdoor Lighting Accessories
Aurora Power
Microwave Sensor Pack
Emergency Back-up
LED drivers
Aurora Lamps
Aurora BLE Lamps
Aurora BLE Kits
Aurora Candle Lamps
Aurora GLS LED Lamps
Aurora GU10 lamps
Aurora Economy LED Lamps
Aurora Control
BELL Lighting
BELL Lighting fittings
BELL Lighting - LED battens
BELL Lighting Dura Batten
BELL Lighting Dura Supreme Batten
BELL Lighting Ultra Batten
BELL Lighting Ultra Slim
BELL Lighting - Domestic lanterns
BELL Lighting - LED Street Lights
BELL Lighting - Warehouse lights
BELL Lighting Illumina Atlas
BELL Lighting Illumina Calor
BELL Lighting Illumina Linear
BELL Lighting Illumina Muto
BELL Lighting Illumina Slim
BELL Lighting Illumina Slim Elite
BELL Lighting - Floodlights
BELL Lighting Skyline Cosmos
BELL Lighting Skyline Vista
BELL Lighting Skyline Vigor
BELL Lighting Skyline Pro LED Wallpack
BELL Lighting Skyline Slim
BELL Lighting Skyline Slim+
BELL Lighting Skyline Elite
BELL Lighting Skyline Elite+
BELL Lighting lamps
Forum Lighting Solutions
Forum Zinc Outdoor Lighting & Heating
Forum Coast Lighting
Forum Stanley Site Lighting
Forum Spa Lighting
Forum Culina Kitchen Lighting
Forum Electralite Lighting
Forum Spa Pro Lighting
Forum InLight Lighting
JCC Lighting
JCC Fire-rated downlights
JCC Downlights
JCC Battens & weatherproofs
JCC Skypack™ Quick Release
JCC ToughLED™ Pro
JCC ToughLED™ Weatherproof
JCC Interior pendants
JCC Decorative exterior
JCC Bollards
JCC Commercial Linear Lighting
JCC Highbay & Lowbay
JCC Floodlights
JCC Bulkheads
JCC LED Panels
JCC Emergency
JCC LED Lighting Strips
JCC Spotlight & Track Sytems
JCC Controls & Sensors
JCC Architectural Exterior
JCC Undershelf & Cabinet
Kosnic Lighting
Kosnic panel modular luminaires
Kosnic surface luminaires
Kosnic Alto wall pack with integrated LED
Kosnic Blanca IP65 bulkhead for LED DD lamps
Kosnic Blanca-i IP65 bulkhead with intergrated LED tray
Kosnic Blanca-i Pro Multi-setting & multi-function IP65 bulkhead with integrated LED tray
Kosnic Codale surface or pendant LED circular panel
Kosnic Etna Diecast aluminium exterior bulkhead for K2D lamps
Kosnic Kabru Low glare exterior wall-mount LED luminaire
Kosnic Kaz & Kaz II narrow wall pack with integrated LED
Kosnic Meola large ultra slim LED bulkhead
Kosnic Ossa & Ossa-i Slim IP65 bulkhead lights
Kosnic Ossa II Slim IP65 bulkhead with integrated LED tray
Kosnic Pico Twist & lock fast-fit bulkhead for LED DD lamps
Kosnic Polo Twist & Lock IP65 bulkhead with intergrated LED tray
Kosnic Pico-i Twist & lock fast-fit bulkhead with integrated LED
Kosnic Portage dimmable integrated LED Wall Light
Kosnic Viso & Viso-i IP65 & vandal proof bulkhead lights
Kosnic linear luminaires
Kosnic firerated and commercial downlights
Kosnic floodlights
Kosnic Della high power LED floodlights
Lumineux Lighting
Lumineux Lighting - Amenity
Lumineux Lighting - Amenity Bulkheads
Lumineux Lighting - Amenity Wallpack
Lumineux Lighting - Amenity Bollards
Lumineux Lighting - Linear
Lumineux Lighting - Academic
Lumineux Lighting - Tubulaire
Lumineux Lighting - Anti-Corrosive
Lumineux Lighting - Batten
Lumineux Lighting - Industrial
Lumineux Netherton LED linear highbay
Lumineux Denton high bay
Lumineux Derwent low bay
Lumineux Meadley high bay
Lumineux Foremark & Foremark Plus high bay
Lumineux Lighting - Commercial
Lumineux Lighting - Emergency
Lumineux Lighting - Exterior
Lumineux Tring RGBW floodlights
Lumineux Lifford & Lifford PIR floodlights
Lumineux Windermere streetlights
Lumineux Frankly & Frankly PIR floodlights
Lumineux Frankly Plus floodlights
Lumineux Lighting - Drivers
Lumineux Lighting - Sensors
Saxby Lighting
Saxby exterior lighting
Saxby decking lights
Saxby recessed lighting
Saxby display lighting
WISKA Lighting
WISKA Multi-purpose luminaires
WISKA Multi-purpose luminaires 2000
WISKA LED multi-purpose luminaires 4000
WISKA Portable hand lamp 533
WISKA Floodlights
WISKA LED floodlight 5000
WISKA Navigation & signal lights
WISKA Internal lighting
WISKA Searchlights
Brackenheath lighting
Brackenheath residential floodlights
Machine Safety Products
Wieland Safety Technology
Wieland safety switches with separate actuator
Wieland RFID safety switches
Wieland safety position switches
Wieland magnetic safety switches
Wieland safety switches with guard locking
Wieland safety command devices
Wieland safety controller
Wieland safety relays
Wieland safety light curtains & light grids
Schmersal Safety Products
Motor Control
TEC Drives
TEC Motors
Panel & Automation Products
Security Alarms & CCTV
Bell System Door entry and access control
Bell System Door Entry Panels
Bell System Door Entry Systems
Bell System Proximity & Coded Access Systems
Bell System Emergency call systems
esp security & access control
esp Aperta access control
esp Aperta single way audio door entry
esp Aperta video door entry
esp Aperta access control accessories
QVIS Eagle Security solutions
QVIS Eagle IP security cameras
WISKA CCTV video surveillance systems
Smart Home Products
Link2Home Smart video doorbells
Link2Home Smart heating controls
Link2Home Smart security cameras
Link2Home Smart lighting
Link2Home Smart system accessories
Link2Home Smart appliances
Test Equipment
Kewtech test equipment
Di-Log test equipment
Tools and Safety Clothing
Apache industrial workwear
Armeg tools
Armeg tools for masonry
Armeg masonry drill bits
Armeg QFDS SDS Plus hammer drill bits - single tip
Armeg masonry chisels
Armeg tools for wood
Armeg tools for metal
Armeg tools for tile
Armeg hand tools & accessories
Brother printing products
Carl Kammerling International Tools
C.K Magma
C.K Tools
C.K holesaws & drills
C.K hand tools
DeWALT industrial workwear
Starret saw blades
Wiring Accessories
Click - Scolmore
Click - Scolmore Essentials
Click - Scolmore Curva
Click - Scolmore Deco
Click - Scolmore Definity
Click - Scolmore GridPro
Click - Scolmore MiniGrid
Click - Scolmore Mode
Click - Scolmore New Media
Click - Scolmore Part M
Click - Scolmore Polar
Click - Scolmore Flow
Click - Scolmore Elucian
CPN Cudis
Eurolite Enhance
Eurolite Enhance Decorative
Eurolite Enhance White
Eurolite Enhance Decorative Grids
Eurolite Enhance White Grids
Eurolite Concealed
Eurolite Concealed 3mm
Eurolite Concealed 3mm Grids
Eurolite Stainless Steel



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